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Attach Grease Cup and Grease Cup Support
Installing LP Gas Tank
To operate you will need (1) precision-filled standard grill LP gas
tank (20#) with external valve threads.
Note: An empty standard grill LP gas tank weighs approximately
18 lbs. A precision-filled standard grill LP gas tank should weigh
no more than 38 lbs.
Insert LP Gas Tank
Place precision filled LP gas tank upright into hole in grill body so the tank valve is facing the
gas line connection.
Secure LP Gas Tank
Secure tank by sliding tank retainer wire over shoulder of LP gas tank.
Connect LP Gas Tank
Before connecting, be sure that there is no debris caught in
the head of the LP gas tank, head of the regulator valve or
in the head of the burner and burner ports.
Connect gas line to tank by turning knob clockwise until it
Disconnect LP Gas Tank
Before disconnecting make sure the LP gas tank valve is
Disconnect gas line from LP gas tank by turning knob
counterclockwise until it is loose.
Need a tank of gas? Try tank exchange service. It’s easy, fast, safe,
and available at tens of thousands of conveniently located retail outlets
nationwide. You can purchase a new full tank or exchange your empty for
a precision filled one.
Insert Battery
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