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Problem Possible Cause Prevention/Cure
Burner will not light using ignitor Battery needs to be changed. Replace the AA battery. (Follow assembly step for inserting
Wires or electrode covered with cooking residue. Clean wire and/or electrode with rubbing alcohol.
Electrode and burners are wet. Wipe dry with cloth.
Electrode cracked or broken - sparks at crack. Replace electrode.
Wire loose or disconnected. Reconnect wire or replace electrode/wire assembly.
Wire is shorting (sparking) between ignitor and electrode. Replace ignitor wire/electrode assembly.
Bad ignitor. Replace ignitor.
Burner will not light with match No gas flow. Check if LP gas tank is empty. If empty, replace or refill. If LP
gas tank is not empty, refer to “Sudden drop in gas flow or
reduced flame height”.
Coupling nut and regulator not fully connected. Turning the coupling nut about one-half to three quarters
additional turn until solid stop. Tighten by hand only-do not use
Obstruction of gas flow. Clear burner tubes. Check for bent or kinked hose.
Disengagement of burner to valve. Reengage burner and valve.
Spider webs or insect nest in venturi. Clean venturi.
Burner ports clogged or blocked. Clean burner ports.
Sudden drop in gas flow or reduced flame height Out of gas. Replace or refill LP gas tank.
Excess flow; safety device may have been activated. Turn control knobs to “OFF”. Wait 30 seconds and light grill. If
flames are still too low, reset the excessive flow safety device
by turning control knobs “OFF” and LP gas tank valve to
“CLOSED”. Disconnect regulator. Turn control knobs to “HIGH”.
Wait 1 minute. Turn control knobs to “OFF”. Reconnect regulator
and leak check connections. Slowly turn LP gas tank valve
to “OPEN”. Wait 30 seconds and then light grill per lighting
Irregular flame pattern, flame does not run the full length
of burner.
Burner ports are clogged or blocked. Clean burner ports.
Flame is yellow or orange. New burner may have residual manufacturing oils. Burn grill for 15 minutes with the lid closed
Spider webs or insect nest in venturi Clean venturi.
Food residue, grease or seasoning salt on burner. Clean burner.
Poor alignment of valve to burner venturi. Assure burner venturi is properly engaged with valve.
Flame blow out High or gusting winds. Do not use grill in high winds.
Low on LP Gas. Replace or refill LP gas tank.
Excess flow valve tripped. Refer to “Sudden drop in gas flow or reduced flame height”.
Flare-up Grease buildup. Clean grill.
Excess fat in meat. Trim fat from meat before grilling.
Excessive cooking temperature. Adjust (lower) temperature accordingly.
Persistent grease fire. Grease trapped by food buildup around burner system. Turn control knobs to “OFF”. Turn LP gas tank valve to
“CLOSED”. Leave lid in closed position and let fire burn out.
After grill cools, remove and clean all parts.
Flashback (fire in burner tube(s)). Burner and/or burner tubes are blocked. Clean burner and/or burner tubes.
Inside of lid is peeling (like paint peeling). The lid is stainless steel, not painted. Baked on grease buildup has turned to carbon and is flaking off.
Clean thoroughly.
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