1: No wire feed
Possible Reason Suggested Remedy
Wrong mode selected Check that the TIG/MMA/MIG selector switch set to MIG position
Wrong torch selector switch Check that the STANDARD/SPOOLGUN selector switch is set to STANDARD position
for MIG welding and SPOOLGUN when using the Spoolgun
2: Inconsistent / interrupted wire feed
Possible Reason Suggested Remedy
Adjusting wrong dial Be sure to adjust the WIRE FEED and VOLTAGE dials for MIG welding.
The AMPERAGE dial is for STICK and TIG welding mode
Wrong polarity selected Select the correct polarity for the wire being used - see machine setup guide
Incorrect wire speed setting Adjust the wire feed speed
Voltage setting incorrect Adjust the voltage setting
Mig torch lead too long 
leads - replace the torch with a lesser length torch
Mig torch lead kinked or too sharp
angle being held
Remove the kink, reduce the angle or bend
Contact tip worn, wrong size, wrong
Replace the tip with correct size and type
Liner worn or clogged (the most
common causes of bad feeding)
Try to clear the liner by blowing out with compressed air as a temporary cure,
it is recommended to replace the liner
Wrong size liner Install the correct size liner
Blocked or worn inlet guide tube Clear or replace the inlet guide tube
Wire misaligned in drive roller groove Locate the wire into the groove of the drive roller
Incorrect drive roller size 
Wrong type of drive roller selected 
Worn drive rollers Replace the drive rollers
Drive roller pressure too high 
roller pressure
Too much tension on wire spool hub Reduce the spool hub brake tension
Wire crossed over on the spool or
Remove the spool untangle the wire or replace the wire
Contaminated mig wire Use clean dry rust free wire. Do not lubricate the wire with oil, grease etc
The following chart addresses some of the common WIRE FEED problems during MIG welding. In all cases of equipment
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Instructions Manual for RAZORWE LD 175 DC (K019D)
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