Suregrip Series
Front end consumables
Ø 8.0
M6 x 1.0
SB25 Contact Tips
Part Number Description
PCT0009-06 Contact Tip Steel (0.6mm) QTY10
PCT0009-08 Contact Tip Steel (0.8mm) QTY10
PCT0009-09 Contact Tip Steel (0.9mm) QTY10
PCT0009-10 Contact Tip Steel (1.0mm) QTY10
PCT0009-12 Contact Tip Steel (1.2mm) QTY10
PCT0009-16 Contact Tip Steel (1.6mm) QTY10
PCTZR009-09 Contact Tip Steel Long Life (0.9mm) QTY10
PCTZR009-12 Contact Tip Steel Long Life (1.2mm) QTY10
PCTAL0009-09 Contact Tip Aluminium (0.9mm) QTY10
PCTAL0009-10 Contact Tip Aluminium (1.0mm) QTY10
PCTAL0009-12 Contact Tip Aluminium (1.2mm) QTY10
SB25 Tip Holder
Part Number Description
PCTH25 Contact Tip Holder QTY2
PGNS25 Shroud Spring QTY2
SB25 Gas Nozzle
Part Number Description
PGN25CYL Cylindrical Nozzle QTY2
PGN25CON Conical Nozzle QTY2
PGN25TAP Tapered Nozzle QTY2
PGN25SPOT Spot Nozzle QTY2
SB25 Liners
Part Number Description
SLB3M Blue Steel Liner 3 Metre
SLB4M Blue Steel Liner 4 Metre
SLB5M Blue Steel Liner 5 Metre
SLR3M Red Steel Liner 3 Metre
SLR4M Red Steel Liner 4 Metre
SLR5M Red Steel Liner 5 Metre
TLB3M Blue Aluminium Liner 3 Metre
TLB4M Blue Aluminium Liner 4 Metre
TLR3M Red Aluminium Liner 3 Metre
TLR4M Red Aluminium Liner 4 Metre
TLY3M Yellow Aluminium Liner 3 Metre
TLY4M Yellow Aluminium Liner 4 Metre
NKSTL Neck Spring for Aluminium
M6 x 1.0
M8 x 1.25
Ø 15
Ø 21.5
These parts are manufactured in China and are offered as
replacement parts suitable for “BINZEL®” style torches.
0.6 - 0.8mm
0.9 - 1.2mm
0.6 - 0.8mm
0.9 - 1.2mm
1.2 - 1.6mm
Page 34
Instructions Manual for R AZOR WELD 175 DC (K019D)
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