7: Arc wanders during DC welding
Possible Reason Suggested Remedy
 
Incorrect arc length Lower torch so that the tungsten is off of the work piece 2 - 5mm
Tungsten incorrect or in poor condi-
Check that correct type of tungsten is being used. Remove 10mm from the weld end of
the tungsten and re sharpen the tungsten
Poorly prepared tungsten Grind marks should run lengthwise with tungsten, not circular. Use proper grinding
method and wheel.
Contaminated base metal Remove contaminating materials like paint, grease, oil, and dirt, including mill scale from
base metal.
 
 
Possible Reason Suggested Remedy
Incorrect machine set up Check machine set up is correct
 Check the gas is connected and cylinder valve open, check hoses, gas valve and torch
Tungsten is contaminated Remove 10mm of contaminated tungsten and re grind the tungsten
Incorrect tungsten size and or tung-
sten being used
Check and change the size and or the tungsten if required
Loose connection Check all connectors and tighten
Earth clamp not connected to work Connect the earth clamp directly to the work piece wherever possible
Loss of high frequency Check torch and cables for cracked insulation or bad connections. Check spark gaps
and adjust if necessary
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