Front Panel Operation - LED Display Functions - Alarms
Alarm E-4: Indicates the main
circuit of the machine has over-
heated. Leave the machine on to
allow the fan to cool the machine
and recover.
Alarm E-3: Indicates the machine
has over heated and the thermal
switch has activated. Leave the
machine on to allow the fan to cool
the machine and recover.
Job Recall: Select the Job Recall
icon using the selector pad.
The digital display will show the Job number recalled.
Job Recall
Torch Cycle
Turn the encoder to select
the Job number required.
Welding Parameter Storage Allows the setting and recall of welding parameters.
Job recall 5 job settings and memory recalls for each welding mode.
The parameters having been adjusted will be auto saved in the Job number currently in use. No auto saving will hap-
pen if welding is not carried out after the parameters have been changed. When the machine is turned on it will revert
to the last welding parameters used for that selected Job. There is no manual save function available.
Allows users to save welding parameters based on the welding application in use for a total of 5 Jobs in each welding
mode. 5 Jobs for each of the six welding modes available.
When the machine is turned on the last Job used welding parameters will be displayed. If a new Job number is not
selected the machine will continue to work under the current Job.
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