Menu functions (Custom menus)
Assigning functions to buttons (Button Function)
MENU c S [Button Function]
See the table below for the functions that can be assigned. The options available vary
from button to button.
Button function items
[FFunction] / [UFunction] / [RFunction]*
/ [IFunction] / [GFunction] / [nFunction]
([Direct Function]*
/ [P]*
) / [lFunction]*
*1 Not available in n mode.
Assign the function to each of FGHI.
*3 Choose the AF target.
*4 Choose the function assigned to the button on some lenses.
F Adjust exposure compensation.
ISO Adjust ISO sensitivity.
WB Adjust white balance.
AEL/AFL AE lock or AF lock. The function changes according to the
[AEL/AFL] setting. When AEL is selected, press the button
once to lock the exposure and display u on the monitor.
Press the button again to cancel the lock.
R REC Press the button to record a movie.
z (Preview) Aperture is stopped down to the selected value while the
button is pressed. If [On] is selected for [zLock] in Custom
Menu, the aperture is held at the selected value even when
releasing the button.
k (One-touch white
The camera measures white balance when the button is
pressed (P. 53 ).
P (AF area) Choose the AF target.
P Home Pressing the button selects the AF target position saved with
[P Set Home] (P. 88 ). Press the button again to return to
previous mode. If the camera is turned off when the home
position is selected, the home position will be reset.
MF Press the button to select manual focus mode. Press the
button again to restore the previously selected AF mode.
RAWKPress the button to toggle between JPEG and RAW+JPEG
record modes.
K TEST (Test Picture) Pictures taken while the button is pressed are displayed in the
monitor but are not recorded to the memory card.
Myset1 – Myset4 Switches among the registered Myset settings when the
button is pressed. Press the button again to return. The
shooting mode will change regardless of the position of the
mode dial.
uTurn the monitor backlight on and off.
I/H (Underwater
wide/underwater macro)
The button can be used to choose between I and H while
the underwater case is attached. Press and hold the button to
return to the previous mode. If you assign this function to a
button, switching between I and H while using a lens with
power zoom functionality will automatically set lens to the
WIDE end or TELE end.
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