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b K Utility
Option Description g
Pixel Mapping The pixel mapping feature allows the camera to check and
adjust the image pickup device and image processing functions. 133
Exposure Shift Adjust correct exposure separately for each metering mode.
This reduces the number of exposure compensation options
available in the selected direction.
The effects are not visible in the monitor. To make normal
adjustments to the exposure, perform exposure compensation
(P. 45).
: Warning
Choose the battery level at which the 8 warning is displayed. 16
Level Adjust You can calibrate the angle of the level gauge.
[Reset]: Resets adjusted values to the default settings.
[Adjust]: Sets the current camera orientation as the 0 position.
Touch Screen
Activate the touch screen. Choose [Off] to disable the touch
Eye-Fi* Enable or disable upload when using an Eye-Fi card. Displayed
when an Eye-Fi card is inserted.
Zoom Speed
You can change the zoom speed used when operating the power
zoom lens with the zoom ring.
* Use in accordance with local regulations. Onboard airplanes and in other locations in
which the use of wireless devices is prohibited, remove the Eye-Fi card from the camera,
or select [Off] for [Eye-Fi]. The camera does not support the “endless” Eye-Fi mode.
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