Menu functions (Custom menus)
Option Description g
ISO-Auto Set Choose the upper limit and default value used for ISO
sensitivity when [Auto] is selected for ISO.
[High Limit]: Choose the upper limit for auto ISO sensitivity
[Default]: Choose the default value for auto ISO sensitivity
ISO-Auto Choose the shooting modes in which [Auto] ISO sensitivity
is available.
[P/A/S]: Auto ISO sensitivity selection is available in all
modes except M. ISO sensitivity is fi xed at ISO200 in mode
[All]: Auto ISO sensitivity selection is available in all modes.
Metering Choose a metering mode according to the scene. 50
AEL Metering Choose the metering method used for AE lock (P. 97).
[Auto]: Use the currently selected metering method.
Bulb/Time Timer Choose the maximum exposure for bulb and time
Bulb/Time Monitor Set the monitor brightness when [BULB], [TIME], or [COMP]
is used.
Live Bulb Choose the display interval during shooting. Some
restrictions apply. The frequency drops at high ISO
sensitivities. Choose [Off] to disable the display. Tap the
monitor or press the shutter button halfway to refresh the
Live Time
Anti-Shockz Choose the delay between the shutter button being pressed
and the shutter being released. This diminishes camera
shake caused by vibrations. This feature is useful in
situations such as microscope photography and
Choose 0 seconds when you want to reduce slight blurring
due to shutter operation.
It is also useful for sequential shooting (P. 54) and self timer
photography (P. 54). However, sequential shooting is not
available when this setting is set to 0 seconds.
Set an exposure time to be the reference in composite
photography (P. 34).
W # Custom
Option Description g
# X-Sync. Choose the shutter speed used when the fl ash fi res. 106
# Slow Limit Choose the slowest shutter speed available when a fl ash is
used. 106
w+FWhen set to [On], the exposure compensation value is
added to the fl ash compensation value. 45, 60
V Exp/p/ISO MENU c V
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