Menu functions (Custom menus)
Option Description g
LV Close Up Mode [mode1]: Pressing the shutter button halfway cancels zoom.
[mode2]: Zoom is not cancelled when the shutter button is
pressed halfway.
z Lock If [On] is selected, the preview switches between lock and
release every time the button registered for preview is
q Close Up Mode [mode1]: Press U to zoom in (to a maximum of 14 ×) and
press G to zoom out.
[mode2]: Press U to display the zoom frame for the
specifi ed zoom ratio. Press U again to zoom in.
Peaking Settings You can switch the edge enhancement color between white
and black.
Backlit LCD If no operations are performed for the selected period, the
backlight will dim to save battery power. The backlight will
not dim if [Hold] is selected.
Sleep The camera will enter sleep (energy saving) mode if no
operations are performed for the selected period. The
camera can be reactivated by pressing the shutter button
8 (Beep sound) When set to [Off], you can turn off the beep sound that is
emitted when the focus locks by pressing the shutter button.
USB Mode Choose a mode for connecting the camera to a computer or
printer. Choose [Auto] to display USB mode options every
time the camera is connected.
V Exp/p/ISO
Option Description g
EV Step Choose the size of the increments used when selecting
shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, and other
exposure parameters.
Noise Reduct. This function reduces the noise that is generated during
long exposures.
[Auto]: Noise reduction is performed at slow shutter speeds,
or when the internal temperature of the camera has risen.
[On]: Noise reduction is performed with every shot.
[Off]: Noise reduction off.
After shooting, processing time takes about the same
amount of time as shooting time.
[Off] is selected automatically during sequential shooting.
This function may not work effectively with some shooting
conditions or subjects.
Noise Filter Choose the amount of noise reduction performed at high
ISO sensitivities.
ISO Set ISO sensitivity. 51
ISO Step Select the increments available for choosing ISO sensitivity.
U Disp/8/PC MENU c U
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