Menu functions (Playback menus)
Choose from the following options:
[Shadow Adj]: Brightens a dark backlit subject.
[Redeye Fix]: Reduces the red-eye phenomenon during fl ash shooting.
[P]: Use the control dial (P) to choose the
size of the crop and FGHI to specify the
crop position.
[Aspect]: Changes the aspect ratio of images from 4:3 (standard) to [3:2],
[16:9], [1:1], or [3:4]. After changing the aspect ratio, use FGHI to
specify the trimming position.
[Black & White]: Creates black and white images.
[Sepia]: Creates sepia-toned images.
[Saturation]: Sets the color depth. Adjust the color saturation checking the
picture on the screen.
[Q]: Converts the image fi le size to 1280 × 960, 640 × 480, or 320 × 240.
Images with an aspect ratio other than 4:3 (standard) are converted to the
closest image fi le size.
[e-Portrait]: Makes skin look smooth and translucent.
You may not be able to compensate depending on the image if face
detection fails.
When the settings are complete, press z.
The settings will be applied to the image.
Select [Yes] and press z.
The edited image is stored in the card.
3D photos, movies, and temporarily saved fi les for PHOTO STORY cannot be edited.
Red-eye correction may not work depending on the image.
Editing of a JPEG image is not possible in the following cases:
When an image is processed on a PC, when there is not enough space in the card
memory, when an image is recorded on another camera
When resizing ([Q]) an image, you cannot select a larger number of pixels than was
originally recorded.
• [P] and [Aspect] can only be used to edit images with an aspect ratio of 4:3 (standard).
When [Picture Mode] is set to [ART], [Color Space] is locked to [sRGB].
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