Menu functions (Shooting menus)
Shooting automatically with a fi xed interval (Time lapse shooting)
You can set the camera to shoot automatically with a set time lapse. The shot frames can
also be recorded as into a single movie. This setting is only available in P/A/S/M modes.
Select [Intrvl. Sh./Time Lapse] in X Shooting
Menu 2. oj/Y
Shooting Menu 2
Image Stabilizer
Multiple Exposure
# RC Mode
Intrvl. Sh./Time Lapse
Back Set
Select [On], press I and make the following settings.
Numeber of Frames Sets the number of frames to be shot.
Start Waiting Time Sets waiting time before starting to shot.
Interval Length Sets interval between shots after shooting starts.
Time Lapse Movie
Sets recording format of frame sequence.
[Off]: Records each frame as a still picture.
[On]: Records each frame as a still picture and generates and
records a single movie from the frame sequence.
Frames are shot even if the image is not in focus after AF. If you wish to fi x the focus
position, shoot in MF.
[Rec View] operates for 0.5 seconds.
If either of the time before shooting, or shooting interval is set to 1 minute 31 seconds
or longer, the monitor and camera power will turn off after 1 minute. 10 seconds before
shooting, the power will automatically turn on again. When the monitor is off, press the
shutter button to turn it on again.
If the AF mode is set to [C-AF] or [C-AF+TR], it is automatically changed to [S-AF].
Touch operations are disabled during time lapse shooting.
Cannot be used with HDR photography.
It is not possible to combine time lapse shooting with bracketing, multiple exposure, and
bulb, time or composite photography.
• The ash will not work if the fl ash charging time is longer than the interval between shots.
If the camera automatically turns off in interval between shots, it will turn on in time for the
next shot.
If the any of the still pictures are not recorded correctly, the time lapse movie will not be
If there is insuffi cient space on the card, the time lapse movie will not be recorded.
Time lapse shooting will cancelled if any of the following is operated: Mode dial, MEN U
button, q button, lens release button, or connecting the USB cable.
If you turn off the camera, time lapse shooting will be cancelled.
If there is not enough charge left on the battery, the shooting may end partway through.
Make sure the battery is suitably charged before starting.
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