Quick task index
Adjusting color White balance 52
Shooting in monochrome or sepia Picture Mode 61
Changing the picture contrast Picture Mode 61
Focusing on a subject Tap AF 35
Focusing by indicating a small area on
the screen Zoom frame AF/zoom AF 48
Keeping a moving subject in focus C-AF+TR 49
Focusing on and shooting a moving
subject C-AF 49
Creating a short movie by combining
movie scenes Clips 39
Reducing image noise (mottling) Noise Reduct. 91
Optimizing the monitor/Adjusting the
monitor contrast
Monitor brightness
adjustment 87
Checking horizontal or vertical orientation
before shooting Level gauge 19
Shooting with deliberate composition Displayed Grid 90
Conserving battery power Sleep 91
Increasing the number of pictures that
can be taken Still image quality mode 56
Shooting remotely with a smartphone Shooting remotely with a
smartphone 112
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