Menu functions (Shooting menus)
h i-aJ K
Color Colors the black and white image.
N:Normal Creates a normal black and white
S:Sepia Sepia
B:Blue Bluish
P:Purple Purplish
G:Green Greenish
% Tips
You can reduce the number of picture mode options displayed in the menu.
g “Picture Mode Settings” (P. 90)
You can also select art fi lter types and effects.
Changes to contrast have no effect at settings other than [Normal].
Image quality (K)
Select an image quality. You can select a separate image quality for photographs and
movies. This is the same as the [K] item in live control. g “Selecting image quality
(still image quality mode)” (P. 56), “Selecting image quality (movie image quality mode)”
(P. 57)
You can change the JPEG image size and compression ratio combination, and [X] and
[W] pixel counts. [K Set], [Pixel Count] g “Combinations of movie image sizes and
compression rates” (P. 106)
You can change the shooting time of movie clips. g “Selecting image quality (movie
image quality mode)” (P. 57)
Digital Zoom (Digital Tele-converter)
Digital Tele-converter is used to zoom in beyond the current zoom ratio. The camera
saves the center crop. Zoom is increased by about 2×.
Select [On] for [Digital Tele-converter] in W Shooting Menu 1.
The view in the monitor will be enlarged by a factor of two.
The subject will be recorded as it appears in the monitor.
Digital zoom is not available with multiple exposures, in J mode, or when T, s, f,
w, or m is selected in SCN mode.
This function is not available when [Movie Effect] is [On] in n mode.
When a RAW image is displayed, the area visible in the monitor is indicated by a frame.
AF target drops.
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