Using the touch screen
You can use the touch panel to manipulate images.
Full-fra me playba ck
Viewing additional images
• Slide your fi nger to the left to view later frames, right to
scroll view earlier frames.
Playback zoom
Lightly touch the screen to display the slider and P.
Slide the bar up or down to zoom in or out.
• Use your fi nger to scroll the display when the picture is
zoomed in.
• Tap P to display index playback.
Tap Q again for calendar playback and My Clips
Index /My Clips/Ca lenda r Playba ck
Page ahead/Page back
• Slide your fi nger up to view the next page, down to view
the previous page.
• Use Q or R to choose the number of images
• Tap R several times to return to single-frame
Viewing images
Tap an image to view it full frame.
Selecting and protecting images
In single-frame playback, lightly touch the screen to display the touch menu. You can
then perform the desired operation by touching the icons in the touch menu.
HSelect an image. You can select multiple images and delete them
hImages you want to share with a smartphone can be set.
g “Setting a transfer order on images (Share Order)” (P. 70)
0Protects an image.
Do not touch the display with your fi ngernails or other sharp objects.
Gloves and monitor covers may interfere with touch screen operation.
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