Quick task index
Shooting g
Just shoot without making any diffi cult
settings A22
Shooting in the way you want without
needing to know technical terms Live Guide 22
Taking self-portraits Self-portraits 42
Taking arty pictures Art fi lter 26
Quickly matching settings to the scene SCN 24
Blurring the background Live Guide 22
A Aperture priority shooting 31
Shooting night views SCN (Hand-Held Starlight) 24
Taking pictures of fi reworks SCN (Fireworks) 24
Taking pictures of stars and trajectories
of light Live composite photography 34
Adjusting the brightness of highlights and
shadows Exposure compensation 45
Taking photos without the fl ash ISO sensitivity 51
Reducing camera shake
Image Stabilizer
Self-timer 54
Remote cable 127
Taking pictures of a subject against
Flash shooting 58
Spot metering 50
Using the self-timer Self-timer 54
Shooting sequentially Sequential shooting 54
Taking pictures that stop the subject in
motion or convey a sense of motion
Live Guide 22
S Shutter priority shooting 32
Changing an aspect ratio Aspect ratio 56
Quick task index
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