When you have fi nished the editings, select [Begin Export] and press z.
The combined album is saved as a single movie.
Exporting a movie may take some time.
The maximum length for My Clips is 15 minutes and the maximum fi le size is 4 GB.
My Clips will be recorded in Full HD and Normal.
It may take a while for My Clips to display after taking out, inserting, erasing, or protecting
the card.
You can record a maximum of 99 My Clips and a maximum of 99 cuts per clip. The
maximum values may vary depending on the fi le size and length of My Clips.
You cannot add movies other than clips to My Clips.
You can also work with My Clips fi les directly using single-frame playback. In single-frame
playback, select a clip and press the z button, then select [See all My Clips] and press
z again. Proceed from Step 2.
BGM other than [Happy Days]
To use BGM other than [Happy Days], record data that you have downloaded from the
Olympus website onto the card and select it as [BGM] in Step 5. Visit the following website
for the download.
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