Movie Tele-converter
Touch the icon to display the zoom frame.
You can change the position of the zoom frame by touching the screen or using
Press and hold z to return the zoom frame to a central position.
Touch M or press the U button to zoom in on the area in the zoom frame.
• Touch N or press the U button to return to the zoom frame display.
Touch O or press z to cancel the zoom frame and exit Movie tele-
converter mode.
Movie Tele-converter is not available in self-portrait mode.
The 2 effects cannot be applied simultaneously.
Use a memory card with an SD speed class of 10 or better. Movie recording may end
unexpectedly if a slower card is used.
When mode1 has been set for taking photographs during movie recording (P. 95 ), you
cannot take photographs while using other movie effects than Movie Tele-converter.
[e-Portrait] and [Diorama] cannot be used at the same time as Art Fade.
The sound of touch operations and button operations may be recorded.
Art Fade cannot be used when shooting clips.
Taking photographs during movie recording (Movie+Photo Mode)
Press the shutter button during movie recording to record one of the frames of the movie
as a photograph. To end movie recording, press the R button. The photograph and movie
fi les will be recorded separately to the memory card. The record mode of the photographs
will be XN (16:9).
There is also a way of recording a photograph of a higher quality. g [Movie+Photo
Mode] (P. 95 )
You cannot take photographs while recording clips when [Movie+Photo Mode] is set to
[mode1]. The number of photographs may be limited.
The autofocus and metering used in movie mode may differ from that used to take
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