Using movie mode (n)
With movie mode (n), you can create movies that take advantage of the effects
available in still photography mode. Use live control to select the settings. g “Adding
effects to a movie” (P. 62)
You can also apply an after-image effect or zoom in on an area of the image during
movie recording.
 Adding e ffects to a movie [M ovie Effe ct ]
Rotate the mode dial to n.
Press the R button to begin recording.
• Press the R button again to end recording.
Touch the on-screen icon of the effect you wish to
WArt Fade Film with the selected picture mode effect. The fade
effect is applied to the transition between scenes.
MOld Film Randomly apply damage and dust-like noise similar to
old movies.
UMulti Echo Apply an after-image effect. After-images will appear
behind moving objects.
TOne Shot Echo
An after-image will appear for a short time after you press
the button. The after-image will disappear automatically
after a while.
XMovie Tele-
Zoom in on an area of the image without using the lens
zoom. Zoom in on the selected position of the image
even while the camera is kept fi xed.
Art Fade
Touch the icon. The effect will be applied gradually when you release your fi nger.
Old Film
Touch the icon for the effect to be applied. Touch again to cancel the effect.
Multi Echo
Touch the icon to apply the effect. Touch again to cancel the effect.
One Shot Echo
Each touch of the icon adds to the effect.
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