[3D Photo] is subject to the following limitations.
[3D Photo] can be used only with a 3D lens.
The camera monitor cannot be used to playback images in 3D. Use a device that
supports 3D display.
Focus is locked. In addition, fl ash and self-timer also cannot be used.
Image size is fi xed at 1824 × 1024.
RAW photography is not available.
Frame coverage is not 100%.
In [Panning], camera movement is detected and the optimal shutter speed is controlled
when moving the camera to track a moving subject. It is convenient for shooting moving
subjects as if the background is fl owing.
In [Panning], J is displayed during panning detection, and I is displayed when
nothing is detected.
When using a lens with an image stabilizer switch in [Panning], turn the image stabilizer
switch off.
Suffi cient panning effects may not be obtained in bright conditions. Use a commercially
available ND fi lter to obtain effects more easily.
Taking panoramas
If you have installed the supplied computer software, you can use it to join pictures together
to form a panorama. g “Connecting the camera to a computer and a printer” (P. 116)
Select [Panorama] in SCN and press z.
Use FGHI to choose a pan direction.
Take a picture, using the guides to frame the shot.
Focus, exposure, and other settings are fi xed at the
values for the fi rst shot.
250250 F5.6 38
Take the remaining images, framing each shot so that the guides overlap with
the previous picture.
[ 2 ]
250250 F5.6 38
[ 3 ]
Exit Exit
A panorama may include up to 10 images. A warning indicator (g) is displayed after
the tenth shot.
After taking the last shot, press z to end the series.
During panorama shooting, the image previously taken for position alignment will not be
displayed. With the frames or other markers for display in the images as a guide, set the
composition such that the edges of the overlapping images overlap within the frames.
Pressing z before shooting the fi rst frame returns to the scene mode selection menu.
Pressing z in the midst of shooting ends the sequence of panorama shooting, and
allows you to continue with the next one.
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