To set multiple live guides, repeat Steps 3 and 4.
A check is displayed on the guide item for live
guides that are already set.
Change Color Saturation
To clear the live guide from the display, press the MENU button.
[Blur Background] and [Express Motions] cannot be set at the same time.
If [RAW] is currently selected for image quality, image quality will automatically be set to
Live guide settings are not applied to the RAW copy.
Pictures may appear grainy at some live guide setting levels.
Changes to live guide setting levels may not be visible in the monitor.
Frame rates drop when [Blurred Motion] is selected.
• The fl ash cannot be used with the live guide.
Choosing live guide settings that exceed the limits of the camera exposure meters may
result in pictures that are over or underexposed.
• Pressing the Fn button displays the live guides in the default settings. To display live
guides in the P/A/S/M modes (P. 30-33), also press the Fn button.
Once the settings adjusted using live guides have been entered, the Fn button cannot be
used to redisplay the live guides. Touch the tab to display the live guides.
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