If a battery leaks fl uid onto your clothing
or skin, remove the clothing and fl ush the
affected area with clean, running cold water
immediately. If the fl uid burns your skin, seek
medical attention immediately.
The Olympus lithium ion battery is designed
to be used only for the Olympus digital
camera. Do not use the battery to other
Do not allow children or animals/pets to
handle or transport batteries (prevent
dangerous behaviour such as licking,
putting in mouth or chewing).
Use Only Dedicated Rechargeable
Battery and Battery Charger
We strongly recommend that you use only the
genuine Olympus dedicated rechargeable battery
and battery charger with this camera.
Using a non-genuine rechargeable battery and/
or battery charger may result in fi re or personal
injury due to leakage, heating, ignition or damage
to the battery. Olympus does not assume any
liability for accidents or damage that may result
from the use of a battery and/or battery charger
that are not genuine Olympus accessories.
Do not cover the fl ash with a hand while
Never store batteries where they will be
exposed to direct sunlight, or subjected to
high temperatures in a hot vehicle, near a
heat source, etc.
Keep batteries dry at all times.
The battery may become hot during
prolonged use. To avoid minor burns, do not
remove it immediately after using the camera.
This camera uses one Olympus lithium ion
battery. Use the specifi ed genuine battery.
There is a risk of explosion if the battery is
replaced with the incorrect battery type.
Please recycle batteries to help save our
planet’s resources. When you throw away
dead batteries, be sure to cover their
terminals and always observe local laws and
Do not use or store the camera in dusty or
humid places.
Use SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards or
Eye-Fi cards only. Never use other types
of cards.
If you accidently insert another type of card
into the camera, contact an authorized
distributor or service center. Do not try to
remove the card by force.
Be careful with the strap when you carry the
camera. It could easily catch on stray objects
and cause serious damage.
Before transporting the camera, remove
a tripod and all other non-OLYMPUS
Never drop the camera or subject it to severe
shocks or vibrations.
When attaching the camera to or removing
it from a tripod, rotate the tripod screw, not
the camera.
Do not touch electric contacts on cameras.
Do not leave the camera pointed directly
at the sun. This may cause lens or shutter
curtain damage, color failure, ghosting on
the image pickup device, or may possibly
cause fi res.
Do not push or pull severely on the lens.
Before storing the camera for a long period,
remove the batteries. Select a cool, dry
location for storage to prevent condensation
or mold from forming inside the camera. After
storage, test the camera by turning it on and
pressing the shutter button to make sure that
it is operating normally.
The camera may malfunction if it is used in
a location where it is subject to a magnetic/
electromagnetic fi eld, radio waves, or high
voltage, such as near a TV set, microwave,
video game, loud speakers, large monitor
unit, TV/radio tower, or transmission towers.
In such cases, turn the camera off and on
again before further operation.
Always observe the operating environment
restrictions described in the camera’s
Insert the battery carefully as described in the
operating instructions.
Before loading, always inspect the battery
carefully for leaks, discoloration, warping, or
any other abnormality.
Always unload the battery from the camera
before storing the camera for a long period.
When storing the battery for a long period,
select a cool location for storage.
Power consumption by the camera varies
depending on which functions are used.
During the conditions described below, power
is consumed continuously and the battery
becomes exhausted quickly.
The zoom is used repeatedly.
The shutter button is pressed halfway
repeatedly in shooting mode, activating
the auto focus.
A picture is displayed on the monitor for
an extended period of time.
The camera is connected to a printer.
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