indication Possible cause Corrective action
The internal temperature of
the camera has risen due to
sequential shooting.
Turn off the camera and wait for
the internal temperature to cool.
Internal camera
temperature is too
high. Please wait
for cooling before
camera use.
Wait a moment for the camera to
turn off automatically.
Allow the internal temperature
of the camera to cool before
resuming operations.
Battery Empty
The battery is drained. Charge the battery.
No Connection
The camera is not correctly
connected to a computer, printer,
HDMI display, or other device.
Reconnect the camera.
No Paper
There is no paper in the printer. Load some paper in the printer.
No Ink
The printer has run out of ink. Replace the ink cartridge in the
The paper is jammed. Remove the jammed paper.
Settings Changed
The printer’s paper cassette has
been removed or the printer has
been manipulated while making
settings on the camera.
Do not manipulate the printer
while making settings on the
Print Error
There is a problem with the
printer and/or camera.
Turn off camera and printer.
Check the printer and remedy any
problems before turning the power
on again.
Cannot Print
Pictures recorded on other
cameras may not be printed on
this camera.
Use a personal computer to print.
The lens is locked.
Please extend the
The lens of the retractable lens
stays retracted. Extend the lens. (P. 15 )
Please check the
status of a lens.
An abnormality has occurred
between the camera and the
Turn off the camera, check the
connection with the lens, and turn
the power on again.
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