Shooting tips and information
The camera does not turn on even when a battery is loaded
The battery is not fully charged
Charge the battery with the charger.
The battery is temporarily unable to function because of the cold
Battery performance drops at low temperatures. Remove the battery and warm it by
putting it in your pocket for a while.
No picture is taken when the shutter button is pressed
The camera has turned off automatically
The camera automatically enters sleep mode to reduce the drain on the battery if no
operations are performed for a set period of time. g [Sleep] (P. 91 )
If no operations are performed for a set time (about 5 minutes) after the camera has
entered sleep mode, the camera will turn off automatically.
The fl ash is charging
On the monitor, the # mark blinks when charging is in progress. Wait for the blinking to
stop, then press the shutter button.
Unable to focus
The camera cannot focus on subjects that are too close to the camera or that are not
suited to autofocus (the AF confi rmation mark will blink in the monitor). Increase the
distance to the subject or focus on a high contrast object at the same distance from the
camera as your main subject, compose the shot, and shoot.
Subjects that are diffi cult to focus on
It may be diffi cult to focus with auto focus in the following situations.
AF confi rmation
mark is blinking.
These subjects
are not focused.
Subject with low
Excessively bright
light in center of
Subject containing no
vertical lines
AF confi rmation
mark lights up but
the subject is not
Subjects at different
Fast-moving subject Subject not inside
AF area
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