Electronic Viewfi nder (VF-4)
The VF-4 electronic viewfi nder switches on automatically when you look through it.
While the viewfi nder is on, the camera monitor display is switched off. You can select
whether to automatically switch the display between the viewfi nder and monitor using
the menu settings. Note that menus and other settings information are still displayed
on the camera monitor when the viewfi nder is switched on. Refer to the documentation
provided with the electronic viewfi nder as well.
Automatic switching is disabled while the monitor is pulled out.
In the following situations, the viewfi nder may not switch off automatically.
When in sleep mode/when shooting using movie, 3D, multiple exposure, live bulb, live
time etc./when the shutter button is pressed halfway
• The viewfi nder may also fail to turn on automatically when viewed in certain situations,
such as when wearing glasses, or under strong sunlight. Switch manually.
Principal Accessories
Remote cable (RM–UC1)
Use when the slightest camera movement can result in blurred pictures, for example
for macro or bulb photography. The remote cable attaches via the camera multi-
connector. (P. 10)
Converter lenses
Converter lenses attach to the camera lens for quick and easy fi sh-eye or macro
photography. See the OLYMPUS website for information on the lenses that can be
Use the appropriate lens attachment for SCN mode (f, w, or m).
Macro arm light (MAL–1)
Use to illuminate subjects for macro photography, even at ranges at which vignetting
would occur with the fl ash.
Microphone set (SEMA–1)
The microphone can be placed at a distance from the camera to avoid recording
ambient sounds or wind noise. Third-party commercial microphones can also be used
depending on your creative intent. We recommend that you use the supplied extension
cord. (power supplied via l3.5 mm stereo mini-plug)
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