External fl ash units designated for use with this camera
With this camera, you can use one of the separately sold external fl ash units to
achieve a fl ash suited to your needs. The external fl ashes communicate with the
camera, allowing you to control the camera’s fl ash modes with various available fl ash
control modes, such as TTL-AUTO and Super FP fl ash. An external fl ash unit specifi ed
for use with this camera can be mounted on the camera by attaching it to the camera’s
hot shoe. You can also attach the fl ash to the fl ash bracket on the camera using the
bracket cable (optional). Refer to the documentation provided with the external fl ash
units as well.
The upper limit of the shutter speed is 1/200 sec. when using a fl ash.
Functions available with external fl ash units
Optional fl ash Flash control mode GN (Guide number) (ISO100) RC mode
FP TTL AUTO, FP MANUAL GN36 (85 mm*1) GN20 (24 mm*1)
FL-300R TTL-AUTO, MANUAL GN20 (28 mm*1)
FL-14 TTL-AUTO, AUTO, MANUAL GN14 (28 mm*1) –
TF-22 GN22 –
*1 The focal length of the lens that can be used (Calculated based on 35 mm fi lm camera).
Wireless remote control fl ash photography
External fl ash units that are designated for use with this camera and have a remote
control mode can be used for wireless fl ash photography. The camera can separately
control each of three groups of remote fl ash units, and the internal fl ash. See the
instruction manuals provided with the external fl ash units for details.
Set the remote fl ash units to RC mode and place them as desired.
Turn the external fl ash units on, press the MODE button, and select RC mode.
Select a channel and group for each external fl ash unit.
Select [On] for [# RC Mode] in X Shooting Menu 2 (P. 73 ).
The LV super control panel switches to RC mode.
You can choose an LV super control panel display by repeatedly pressing the INFO
• Select a fl ash mode (note that red-eye reduction is not available in RC mode).
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