Battery and charger
The camera uses a single Olympus lithium-ion battery. Never use any battery other than
genuine OLYMPUS batteries.
The camera’s power consumption varies widely with usage and other conditions.
As the following consume a lot of power even without shooting, the battery will be drained
Performing auto focus repeatedly by pressing the shutter button halfway in shooting
Displaying images on the monitor for a prolonged period.
When [Release Lag-Time] (P. 89 ) is set to [Short].
When connected to a computer or printer.
When using a drained battery, the camera may turn off without the low battery warning
being displayed.
The battery will not be fully charged at the time of purchase. Charge the battery using the
provided charger before use.
The normal charging time using the provided charger is approximately 3 hours 30 minutes
Do not attempt to use chargers not specifi cally designated for use with the supplied
battery, or to use batteries not specifi cally designated for use with the supplied charger.
There is a risk of explosion if the battery is replaced with the incorrect battery type.
Dispose of the used battery following the instructions “ CAUTION” (P. 149).
Using your charger abroad
The charger can be used in most home electrical sources within the range of 100 V to
240 V AC (50/60 Hz) around the world. However, depending on the country or area you
are in, the AC wall outlet may be shaped differently and the charger may require a plug
adapter to match the wall outlet. For details, ask at your local electrical shop or travel
Do not use commercially available travel adapters as the charger may malfunction.
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