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Viewing camera images on TV
MENU c U [HDMI], [V ide o Out ]
Use the separately sold cable with the camera to playback recorded images on your
TV. Connect the camera to an HD TV using an HDMI cable to view high-quality images
on a TV screen. When connecting TVs using an AV cable, fi rst set the camera’s [Video
Out] settings (P. 90).
Type A
AV cable (optional: CB-AVC3)
(Connect to the TV video input jack
(yellow) and audio input jack (white).)
HDMI cable
(Connect to the HDMI connector
on the TV.)
HDMI connector
(type D)
Connect the TV and camera and switch the input source of the TV.
The camera monitor turns off when the cable is connected.
• Press the q button when connecting via an AV cable.
For details on changing the input source of the TV, refer to the TV’s instruction manual.
Depending on the TV’s settings, the displayed images and information may become
If the camera is connected using both an AV and HDMI cables, it will assign priority to
If the camera is connected via an HDMI cable, you will be able to choose the digital video
signal type. Choose a format that matches the input format selected with the TV.
1080i Priority is given to 1080i HDMI output.
720p Priority is given to 720p HDMI output.
480p/576p 480p/576p HDMI output. 576p is used when [PAL] is selected for
[Video Out] (P. 90).
You cannot shoot pictures or movies when the HDMI cable is connected.
Do not connect the camera to other HDMI output devices. Doing so may damage the
HDMI output is not performed while connected via USB to a computer or printer.
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