Remote Amperage Control Operation Procedure Razor16O/2OO TIG-MMA
Remote amperage controls allow for the welding current to adjusted remotely from the welding machine
during welding. The Razor160 and Razor200 TIG - MMA machines are compatible with the ER1MS-H
Remote Hand Amp Control supplied with the RazorWeld Tig Torch supplied with the machine.
Type: ER1MS-H
Connection and operation of the remote hand control
(2) Connect the remote control 7 pin
plug from the Tig Torch switch lead to
the 7 pin remote receptacle on the front
panel of the machine.
(3) Activate the remote control.
Press and hold down the torch switch for 5
seconds. The machine will give an audible
beep single indicate the remote is activated.
Repeat the procedure to de-activate the
remote control.
(4) The thermal LED will illuminate RED to
indicate the machine is in remote control
(2) Rotate the Remote Control Knob
to adjust the amperage output of the
machine. The remote can be used static
or during welding to adjust the amps up
or down.
(4) The amps set by the remote control will
show in the Digital Display of the machine.
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