continued - Front panel set up procedure for basic AC TIG welding
continued - Set up and operation for AC TIG Welding
Set the nish amps by pressing the encoder
to cycle through to illuminate the Finish Amps
icon. Set the nish amps by turning the en-
coder knob. The set nish amps will appear in
the digital display
10. Set Finish Amps
Set the post gas time by pressing the encoder
to cycle through to illuminate the Post Gas
icon. Set the post gas time by turning the
encoder knob. The set post gas time will ap-
pear in the digital display
11. Set Post Gas Time
Increasing Square Wave Frequency
It is possible with the RAZOR200ACDC machine to adjust the frequency of the AC Square Wave output. It means that the
amount of time that it takes the AC square wave to complete a full cycle switch from postive (+) to negative (-) can be adjusted
from 20Hz (20 times per second) to 200Hz
Increasing frequency (Hz) causes the current to change direction more often, which means that it spends less time per cycle
in both DC electrode negative and DC electrode positive mode. By spending less time at each polarity, the arc cone has less
time to expand.
A higher frequency produces a narrower arc cone producing an arc that is tighter with more focus at the exact spot the elec-
trode is pointing. The result is improved arc stability, ideal for llet welds and other t ups requiring precise penetration.
Decreasing the frequency softens the arc and broadens the weld pool producing a wider bead, produces good overall penetra-
tion and ideal for build up applications.
Slower AC Square Wave Hz
Wider Arc Broader Weld Pool
Wider Weld Bead
Wider Cleaning
Faster AC Square Wave Hz
Narrow Arc Narrower Weld Pool
Narrower Weld Bead
Faster Weld Speed
Narrower Cleaning
AC TIG Welding - AC Square Wave Frequency Control
Slower AC Square Wave Hz
Faster AC Square Wave Hz
AC Square Wave Hz
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