The camera may malfunction if it is used in a location
where it is subject to a magnetic/electromagnetic fi eld, radio
waves, or high voltage, such as near a TV set, microwave,
video game, loud speakers, large monitor unit, TV/radio
tower, or transmission towers. In such cases, turn the
camera off and remove the battery, then reinsert it and turn
the camera on again before further operation.
Always observe the operating environment restrictions
described in the camera’s manual.
Battery Handling Precautions Battery Handling Precautions
Follow these important guidelines to prevent
batteries from leaking, overheating, burning,
exploding, or causing electrical shocks or burns.
The camera uses a lithium ion battery specifi ed by Olympus.
Charge the battery with the specifi ed USB-AC adapter
or charger. Do not use any other USB-AC adapters or chargers.
Never incinerate or heat batteries in microwaves, on hot
plates, or in pressure vessels, etc.
Never leave the camera on or near electromagnetic devices.
This may cause overheating, burning, or exploding.
Do not connect terminals with any metallic objects.
Take precautions when carrying or storing batteries to
prevent them from coming into contact with any metal
objects such as jewelry, pins, fasteners, keys, etc.
The short circuit may cause overheating, exploding, or
burning, which burn or damage you.
Never store batteries where they will be exposed to
direct sunlight, or subjected to high temperatures in a hot
vehicle, near a heat source, etc.
To prevent causing battery leaks or damaging their
terminals, carefully follow all instructions regarding the
use of batteries. Never attempt to disassemble a battery
or modify it in any way, solder, etc.
If battery fl uid gets into your eyes, fl ush your eyes
immediately with clear, cold running water and seek
medical attention immediately.
Always store batteries out of the reach of small children.
If a child accidentally swallows a battery, seek medical
attention immediately.
If you cannot remove the battery from the camera,
contact an authorized distributor or service center. Do not
try to remove the battery by force.
Damage to the battery exterior (scratches, etc.) may
produce heat or an explosion.
Do not wet batteries with fl uid such as water or seawater.
To prevent batteries from leaking, overheating,
or causing a fi re or explosion, use only batteries
recommended for use with this product.
Insert the battery carefully as described in the operating
If rechargeable batteries have not been recharged within the
specifi ed time, stop charging them and do not use them.
Do not use a battery if it is cracked or broken.
If a battery leaks, has unusual odor, becomes discolored
or deformed, or becomes abnormal in any other way
during operation, stop using the camera, and keep away
from fi re immediately.
If a battery leaks fl uid onto your clothing or skin, remove
the clothing and fl ush the affected area with clean,
running cold water immediately. If the fl uid burns your
skin, seek medical attention immediately.
Never subject batteries to strong shocks or continuous
vibration by dropping or hitting.
This may cause exploding, overheating, or burning.
Before loading, always inspect the battery carefully for
leaks, discoloration, warping, or any other abnormality.
The battery may become hot during prolonged use. To
avoid minor burns, do not remove it immediately after
using the camera.
Always unload the battery from the camera before
storing the camera for a long period.
Leaking and overheating may cause fi re, injury, or
When storing the battery for a long period, select a cool
location for storage.
This camera uses one Olympus lithium ion battery. Use
the designated battery. There is a risk of explosion if the
battery is replaced with the incorrect battery type.
Power consumption by the camera varies depending on
which functions are used.
During the conditions described below, power is
consumed continuously and the battery becomes
exhausted quickly.
The zoom is used repeatedly.
The shutter button is pressed halfway repeatedly in
shooting mode, activating the auto focus.
A picture is displayed on the monitor for an extended
period of time.
The camera is connected to a printer.
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