Movies Movies
Image Size Frame Rate
Continuous recording length
Internal memory SD/SDHC/SDXC card (4 GB)
With sound Without sound With sound Without sound
1280×720 30fps 11 sec. 11 sec. 18 min. 19 min.
15fps 21 sec. 22 sec. 36 min. 38 min.
8 640×480 30fps 19 sec. 20 sec. 33 min. 35 min.
15fps 37 sec. 41 sec. 64 min. 70 min.
The maximum fi le size of a single movie is 2 GB, regardless of the capacity of the card.
Increasing the number of pictures that can be takenIncreasing the number of pictures that can be taken
Either erase unwanted images, or connect the camera to a computer or other device to save the images, and
then erase the images in the internal memory or card.
[Erase] (p. 20, 34), [Sel. Image] (p. 34), [All Erase] (p. 35), [Memory Format]/[Format] (p. 36)
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