When to charge the batteriesWhen to charge the batteries
Charge the battery when the error message shown
below appears.
Battery Empty
Error message
Flashes in red
Never use any cable other than supplied or
Olympus-designated USB cable. This may cause
smoking or burning.
The included F-2AC USB-AC adapter (hereafter
referred to as USB-AC adapter) differs
depending on the region where you purchased
the camera. If you received a plug-in type USB-
AC adapter, plug it directly into AC outlet.
The included USB-AC adapter has been
designed to be used for charging and playback.
Do not take pictures while the USB-AC adapter
is connected to the camera.
Be sure to unplug the power plug of the USB-AC
adapter from the wall outlet when the charging is
complete or the playback ends.
For details on the battery, see “Battery Handling
Precautions” (p. 70). For details on the USB-AC
adapter, see “USB-AC adapter” (p. 71).
If the indicator lamp does not light, check the USB
cable and USB-AC adapter connections.
The battery can be charged while the camera is
connected to the computer via USB. The charging
time varies depending on the performance of the
computer. (There may be cases in which it takes
approx. 10 hours.)
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