Usa ge T ips
If the camera does not work as intended, or if an
error message is displayed on the screen, and you
are unsure of what to do, refer to the information
below to fi x the problem(s).
“The camera does not work even when batteries
are installed”.
Insert recharged batteries in the correct
“Inserting and removing the battery and card
(commercially available)” (p. 4), “Charging the
battery” (p. 5)
Battery performance may have been reduced
temporarily due to low temperature. Take the
batteries out of the camera, and warm them by
putting them in your pocket for a while.
Card/Internal memoryCard/Internal memory
“An error message is displayed”.
“Error message” (p. 52)
Shutter buttonShutter button
“No picture is taken when the shutter button is
Cancel sleep mode.
To save battery power, the camera
automatically goes into sleep mode and the
monitor turns off if there is no operation for
3 minutes when the camera is turned on. No
picture is taken even if the shutter button is
fully pressed in this mode. Operate the zoom
lever or other buttons to restore the camera
from sleep mode before taking a picture. If
the camera is left for another 12 minutes, it
automatically turns off. Press the n
button to turn the camera on.
Press the q button to switch to the shooting
Wait until #(fl ash charge) stops blinking
before taking pictures.
“Diffi cult to see”.
Condensation may have occurred. Turn off
the power, and wait for the camera body
to become acclimated to the surrounding
temperature and dry out before taking pictures.
“Vertical lines appear on the monitor”.
This condition may occur when the camera is
pointed at an extremely bright subject under a
clear sky and so on.
The lines may appear on the recorded picture
or movie with sequential shots.
“The light is caught in the picture”.
Shooting with fl ash in dark situations results in
an image with many fl ash refl ections on dust
in the air.
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