Inserting and removing t he
battery a nd c a rd (commerc ia lly
ava ila ble )
1 Follow Steps 1 and 2 to open
the battery/card cover.
Battery/card cover
Turn off the camera before opening the battery/
card cover.
2 Insert the battery while sliding the
battery lock knob in the direction
of the arrow.
Battery lock knob
Insert the battery as illustrated with the B mark
toward the battery lock knob.
Damage to the battery exterior (scratches, etc.)
may produce heat or an explosion.
Slide the battery lock knob in the direction of the
arrow to unlock, and then remove the battery.
3 Insert the card straight until it
clicks into place.
Write-protect switch
Always use SD/SDHC/SDXC cards or Eye-Fi
card with this camera. Do not insert other types
of memory cards. “Using the card” (p. 62)
Do not touch the metallic parts of the card directly.
To remove the cardTo remove the card
1 2
Press the card in until it clicks and comes out slightly,
then remove the card.
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