The default settings of the function are highlighted
in .
For the operation method, refer to “Using the setup
menu” (p. 27).
z Camera Me nu 1
Restoring the shooting functions Restoring the shooting functions
to the default settings to the default settings zz [Reset] [Reset]
Submenu 2 Application
Restores the following menu
functions to the default settings.
• Shooting mode
• Flash
• Self-timer
• Exposure compensation
• White balance
• ISO sensitivity
• Drive
• Image Size (still images)
• Aspect
• Camera Menu 1, Camera Menu
2 and Movie Menu Functions
No The settings will not be changed.
Selecting the image quality for still Selecting the image quality for still
images images zz [Compression] [Compression]
Submenu 2 Application
Fine Shooting at high quality.
Normal Shooting at normal quality.
“Number of storable pictures (still images)/
Recording length (movies) in the internal memory
and cards” (p. 63, 64)
Selecting the focusing area Selecting the focusing area
zz [AF Mode] [AF Mode]
Submenu 2 Application
The camera focuses
automatically. (If a face is
detected, it is shown by a white
frame*1; when the shutter button is
pressed halfway and the camera
focuses, the frame turns to
green*2. If no face is detected, the
camera chooses a subject in the
frame and focuses automatically.)
The camera focuses on the
subject located within the AF
target mark.
AF Tracking
The camera tracks the subject
movement automatically to focus
on it continuously.
*1 For some subjects, the frame may not appear or
may take some time to appear.
*2 If the frame blinks in red, the camera cannot focus.
Try refocusing on the subject.
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