Flash Sets the fl ash fi ring method.
_Flash Auto The fl ash fi res automatically in low-light or backlight conditions.
! Redeye Pre-fl ashes are emitted to reduce the occurrence of red eye in your photos.
# Fill In The fl ash fi res regardless of the available light.
$Flash Off The fl ash does not fi re.
Long Flash Flash reaches a longer distance than Flash Auto.
Self-timer Sets the time after the shutter button is pressed until the picture is taken.
bY Off The self-timer is deactivated.
c Y 12 sec The self-timer lamp turns on for approx. 10 seconds, then blinks for approx.
2 seconds, and then the picture is taken.
dY 2 sec The self-timer lamp blinks for approx. 2 seconds, then the picture is taken.
Compensates the brightness (appropriate exposure) adjusted by the camera.
to Value Set a larger negative (–) value to adjust darker, or a larger positive (+) value to
adjust brighter.
White balance Sets an appropriate color scheme for the light of the shooting scene.
eWB Auto The camera automatically adjusts the white balance.
fSunny Suitable for shooting outdoors under a clear sky.
gCloudy Suitable for shooting outdoors under a cloudy sky.
hIncandescent Suitable for shooting under tungsten lighting.
Fluorescent Suitable for shooting under white fl uorescent lighting.
One Touch 1 For manually adjusting the white balance according to the light when shooting. Set a
piece of white paper or other white object so that it fi lls the entire screen, and press
the button to set the white balance. For the settings of one touch WB, refer
to p. 25.
One Touch 2
ISO sensitivity Sets the ISO sensitivity.
lISO Auto The camera automatically sets the sensitivity with priority on image quality.
to Value Set a smaller value to reduce noise in the picture, or a larger value to reduce blur.
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