Operating Procedure for PLASMA Cutting
5) Correct amperage and travel speed
are important and relevant to material
thickness and are correct when sparks
are exiting from the work piece.
If sparks are spraying up from the work
piece there is insufficient amps selected
or the travel speed is too fast.
6) To finish the cutting release the torch
switch. The air flow will continue for 30
seconds to cool the torch head. Do not
disconnect air until this cooling period has
been completed. Failure to do this will
result in torch head damage.
2) Connect the Earth Clamp securely to
the work piece or the work bench.
3) Place and hold the torch vertical at the
edge of the plate. note
4) Pull the trigger to energise the arc
and move the torch towards the plate.
When the cutting arc has established
and cut through the edge of the plate
start moving evenly in the direction you
wish to cut,
1) Wear your safety gear. Generally you want
the same type of protective gear as when
welding. Plasma has high arc voltage if the
job or bench is wet and you place your hand
or arm on it you can become part of the circuit
and receive a shock, be sure you are wearing
leather gloves, Full lenght pants and covered
shoes, Wear eye protection a #5 shade is the
minimum eye protection with other shades
required depending on amperage. A face
shield is also recommended,
Cut Quality
A clean cut depends on several factors:
● amperage
● travel speed
● tip height & position
● tip and electrode quality
● air pressure and quality
● technique
The best quality cut will be produced when all these variables are set correctly for the material thickness
and type of material being cut.
Poor quality cut
Good quality cut
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