Maintenance 51
Timing of replacing the lamp
When the Lamp indicator lights up red or a message appears suggesting it is time to replace
the lamp, please install a new lamp or consult your dealer. An old lamp may cause a
malfunction in the projector and in some instances the lamp may explode.
The Lamp indicator light and Temperature warning light will light up if the lamp becomes too hot. Turn
the power off and let the projector cool for 45 minutes. If the Lamp or Temp indicator still lights up
after turning the power back on, please contact your dealer. See "Indicators" on page 55 for details.
The following lamp warning displays will remind you to change the lamp.
Status Message
The lamp has been in operation for 3000 hours.
Install a new lamp for optimal performance. If the
projector is normally run with Economic selected
(See "Setting Lamp mode as Economic" on page
50), you may continue to operate the projector
until the 3950 hour lamp warning appears.
The lamp has been in operation for 3950 hours. A
new lamp should be fitted to avoid the
inconvenience when the projector runs out of
lamp time.
The lamp has been in operation for 4000 hours.
It is strongly recommended that you replace the
lamp at this age. The lamp is a consumable item.
The lamp brightness diminishes with use. This is
normal lamp behavior. You can replace the lamp
whenever you notice that the brightness level has
significantly diminished. If the lamp is not
replaced beforehand, it must be replaced after
4000 hours usage.
The lamp MUST be replaced before the projector
will operate normally.
Order Replacement Lamp
Lamp > 30 00 Hours
Replace Lamp Soon
Lamp > 39 50 Hours
Replace Lamp Now
Lamp > 4000 Hours
Lamp usage time exceeded
Out of Lamp Usage Time
Replace lamp (refer to user manual)
Then reset lamp timer
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