(default setting/
DESCRIPTION (default setting/value)
Panel Key
Disables or enables all panel key functions except Power on the
projector and keys on the remote control. See "Locking control keys"
on page 38 for details.
Sleep Timer
Sets the auto-shutdown timer. The timer can be set to a value between
30 minutes and 12 hours.
Splash Screen
(BenQ logo)
Allows you to select which logo screen will display during projector
start-up. Three options are available: BenQ logo, Black screen, or Blue
Quick Cooling
Selecting On enables the function and the projector cooling time will
be shortened to a few seconds.
If you attempt to restart the projector right after the quick cooling
process, it may not be turned on successfully and will rerun its
cooling fans.
High Altitude
A mode for operation in high altitude areas. See "Operating in a high
altitude environment" on page 39 for details.
Audio Settings
Mute (Off)
Volume (5)
Power on/off ring tone (On)
See "Adjusting the sound" on page 39 for details.
Menu Settings
Menu display time (15 sec)
Sets the length of time the OSD will remain active after your last key
press. The range is from 5 to 30 seconds in 5-second increments.
Menu position (Center)
Sets the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu position.
Standby D-
Sub Output
Selecting On enables the function. The projector can output a VGA
signal when it is in standby mode and the D-SUB IN and D-SUB OUT
sockets are correctly connected to devices. See "Connecting a monitor"
on page 18 for how to make the connection.
Enabling this function slightly increases the standby power
Basic menu
5. SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced menu
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