Remote control effective range
Infra-Red (IR) remote control sensors are located on
the front and the back of the projector. The remote
control must be held at an angle within 30 degrees
perpendicular to the projector's IR remote control
sensors to function correctly. The distance between
the remote control and the sensors should not exceed
8 meters (~ 26 feet).
Make sure that there are no obstacles between the
remote control and the IR sensors on the projector
that might obstruct the infra-red beam.
Replacing the remote control battery
1. Pull out the battery holder.
Please follow the illustrated instructions. Push and hold
the locking arm while pulling out the battery holder.
2. Insert the new battery in the holder. Note the
positive polarity should face outward.
3. Push the holder into the remote control.
• Avoid excessive heat and humidity.
• There may be battery damage if the battery is
incorrectly replaced.
• Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the battery manufacturer.
Dispose of the used battery according to the battery manufacturer’s instructions.
• Never throw a battery into a fire. There may be danger of an explosion.
• If the battery is dead or if you will not be using the remote control for a long time, remove the
battery to prevent damage to the remote control from possible battery leakage.
Approx. 15°
Operating the projector from
the front
•Operating the projector from
the rear
Approx. 15°
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