6 Overview
O verview
Projector features
• Full HD compatible
The projector is compatible with Standard D efinition TV (SD TV) 480i, 576i, Enhanced D efinition
television (EDTV) 480p, 576p and High Definition TV (HD TV) 720p, 1080i/p 60H z formats, with the
1080p format providing a true 1:1 image reproduction.
High picture quality
The projector provides excellent picture quality due to its high resolution, excellent home theater
brightness, high contrast ratio, vivid color and rich gray-scale reproduction.
• High brightness
The projector features super high brightness to achieve excellent picture quality in ambient light
conditions, outperforming ordinary projectors.
Vivid color reproduction
The projector features a 6-segment color wheel to produce realistic color depth and range
unattainable with lesser segment color wheels.
• Rich gray-scale
W hen viewed in a dark environment, the automatic gamma control provides excellent gray-scale
display which reveals details in shadows and in night or dark scenes.
• Dual OSD
Two types of O SD menus are designed for different usage scenarios: the Basic O SD is intuitive and
easy, while the Advanced O SD offers full range of advanced adjustments.
W ide variety of inputs and video formats
The projector supports a wide variety of inputs for connection to your video and computer
equipment, including personal computer (both Mac and PC), HD MI source, and an output trigger for
connection to automated screen and environment lighting systems.
ISF certified calibration control
To reach a higher standard of performance, the projector incorporates ISF N IGHT and ISF DAY
mode settings in its O SD menus, which requires professional calibration service from authorized ISF
• 3D function
To enjoy the 3D movies, videos, and sporting events in a more realistic way by presenting the depth
of the images through HD MI.
Built-in chamber speakers with audio enhancer
Built-in speakers providing mixed mono audio when an audio input is connected.
• SmartEco
SmartEco™ technology saves lamp power consumption up to 70% depending on the content
brightness level when SmartEco mode is selected.
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