46 Maintenance
Setting Auto Off
This function allows the projector to turn off automatically if no input source is detected after a set
period of time.
1. Under the Advanced O SD menu, go to System Setup : Basic > Auto Off.
2. Press / to select a time period. If the preset time lengths are not suitable for your presentation,
select Disable, and the projector will not automatically shut down in a certain time period.
3. W hen done, press BACK to save your changes and exit.
Timing of replacing the lamp
W hen the Lamp indicator lights up red or a message appears suggesting it is time to replace the lamp,
please install a new lamp or consult your dealer. An old lamp may cause a malfunction in the projector
and in some instances the lamp may explode. Go to http://www.BenQ .com for how to purchase a
replacement lamp.
The LAMP indicator light and TEMP warning light will light up if the lamp becomes too hot. Turn the
power off and let the projector cool for 45 minutes. If the LAMP or TEMP indicator still lights up after
turning the power back on, please contact your dealer. See Indicators for details.
Please replace the lamp when the following lamp warning messages appear.
The illustrations show the examples of messages you will see under the Basic menu. T hey are for reference
only and may differ from the actual design and the menu type you’ve selected.
The "X X X X " shown in the above messages are numbers that vary depending on different models.
Status Message
Install a new lamp for optimal performance. If the
projector operates normally in Economic mode
(see Getting to know the lamp hour), you may
continue operating the projector until the next lamp
warning appears.
Press OK to dismiss the message.
W e strongly recommend you to replace the lamp at
this stage. The lamp is a consumable item. The lamp
brightness diminishes with use. This is normal lamp
behavior. You can replace the lamp whenever you
notice that the brightness level has significantly
Press OK to dismiss the message.
The lamp MUST be replaced before the projector
will operate normally.
Press OK to dismiss the message.
Orde r Re pla cem e nt Lam p
La m p> X X XX H ours
Orde r a n e w la m p a t w w w . b en q .com
Rep lace La m p soon
La m p> X X XX H ours
Orde r a n e w la m p a t w w w . b en q .com
Rep lace Lam p Now
La m p> X X XX H ours
Orde r a n e w la m p a t w w w . b en q .com
La m p usa ge t im e ex ce e ded
Out of La m p Usa ge Tim e
Replace la m p ( Refe r t o u se r m anu a l)
Then r e se t la m p tim e r
Orde r a n e w la m p a t w w w . b en q .com
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