30 Menu Functions
Using the Advanced O SD menu
The Advanced O SD menu offers complete menu functions.
The Advanced OSD menu overview above is for reference only and may differ from the actual design and the
projector model you are using.
To access the O SD menu, press MEN U on the projector or remote control. It consists of the following
main menus. Check the links after the menu items below to learn more details.
1. Picture menu (see page 31)
2. Audio Setup menu (see page 35)
3. Display menu (see page 36)
4. System Setup : Basic menu (see page 38)
5. System Setup : Advanced menu (see page 39)
6. Information menu (see page 41)
Available menu items may vary depending on the connected video sources or specified settings. Menu
items that are not available will become grayed out.
Use the arrow keys ( ///) on the projector or remote control to move through the menu
Use OK on the projector or remote control to confirm the selected menu item.
To switch from the Advanced OSD menu to the Basic OSD menu, see page 25.
Pi ct u r e M od e
Use r M od e M a n a g e m e n t
Br i g ht n e ss
Co nt r a s t
Sh a r p ne ss
La m p Po w er
Pi ct u re
Viv i d
Ex it
Current input source
Main menu icon
Main menu name
Press BACK to go back to
the previous window or to
5 0
5 0
Color T em pe r a t u r e
Ad v a n ce d . . .
N o r m a l
Re se t Cur r en t Pict u r e M od e
Selection bar
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