24 Menu Functions
Menu Functions
About the O SD Menus
To let you make various adjustments or settings on the projector and the projected image, the projector
is equipped with 2 types of multilingual O n-Screen D isplay (O SD ) menus:
Basic O SD menu: provides primary menu functions. (See Using the Basic O SD menu)
Advanced O SD menu: provides full menu functions. (See Using the Advanced O SD menu)
To access the O SD menu, press MEN U on the projector or remote control.
The first time you use the projector (after finishing the initial setup), one of the following Basic O SD
menu overviews will be displayed, depending on whether or not a video signal is connected.
• Input signal connected • N o input signal connected
Pict u re M ode
Viv id
Soun d M ode
St a n d a r d
Volum e
1 0
M u t e
3 D Mo de
3 D Off
3 D Sy nc I n ve rt
Press OK
Se t t i ng s
Press OK
Fa st M od e
W a ll Color
Aut o So ur ce
Rese t La m p Tim e r
Projector Po sit ion
Fr o n t
Men u Ty pe
Ba sic
Reset All Sett in gs
Test Pat t e rn
HDM I Ran ge
Au to
I n f or m a t i on
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