Outdoor LP Gas Barbecue Grill Model No. GBC900W
Installing LP Gas Tank
To operate you will need (1) precision-filled standard grill LP gas
tank (20#) with external valve threads.
Note: An empty standard grill LP gas tank weighs approximately
18 lbs. A precision-filled standard grill LP gas tank should weigh
no more than 38 lbs.
Caution: LP gas tank must be properly
disconnected and removed prior to moving this
Insert LP Gas Tank
Place precision filled LP gas tank upright into notches on lower right cart frame support so the
tank valve is facing the gas line connection.
Secure LP Gas Tank
Secure tank by sliding LP gas tank retainer wire over shoulder of LP gas tank.
Connect LP Gas Tank
Before connecting, be sure that there is no debris caught in
the head of the LP gas tank, head of the regulator valve or
in the head of the burner and burner ports.
Connect gas line to tank by turning knob clockwise until it
Disconnect LP Gas Tank
Before disconnecting make sure the LP gas tank valve is
Disconnect gas line from LP gas tank by turning knob
counterclockwise until it is loose.
Caution: LP gas tank must be properly
disconnected and removed prior to moving
this grill.
Need a tank of gas? Try tank exchange service. It’s easy, fast, safe,
and available at tens of thousands of conveniently located retail outlets
nationwide. You can purchase a new full tank or exchange your empty for
a precision filled one.
Checking for Leaks
Burner Connections
1. Make sure the regulator valve and hose connections
are securely fastened to the burner and the tank.
If your unit was assembled for you, visually check
the connection between the burner venturi pipe and
orifice. Make sure the burner venturi pipe fits over
the orifice.
WARNING: Failure to inspect this
connection or follow these instructions
could cause a fire or an explosion
which can cause death, serious bodily
injury or damage to property.
2. Please refer to diagram for proper installation.
(Figures 1)
3. If the burner pipe does not rest flush to the orifice,
please contact 1.800.762.1142 for assistance.
Tank/Gas Line Connection
1. Make 2-3 oz. of leak solution by mixing one part
liquid dishwashing soap with three parts water.
2. Make sure control knobs are (OFF) position.
(Figure 2)
3. Turn LP gas tank valve to “OPEN”.
4. Spoon leak check solution at all “X” locations
(Figures 3)
a. If any bubbles appear turn LP gas tank valve to
“CLOSED”, reconnect and re-test.
b. If you continue to see bubbles after several
attempts, turn LP gas tank valve to “CLOSED”
and disconnect LP gas tank and contact
1.800.762.1142 for assistance.
c. If no bubbles appear after one minute turn LP gas
tank valve to “CLOSED”, wipe away solution and
Operating Main Burners
First Use
1. Make sure all labels, packaging and protective films
have been removed from the grill.
2. Remove manufacturing oils before cooking on this
grill for the first time by operating the grill for at
least 15 minutes on “HIGH” with the lid closed. This
will “heat clean” the internal parts and dissipate
1. Open lid. Attempting to light the burners with the
lid closed may cause an explosion!
2. Make sure there are no obstructions of airflow to
the burners. Spiders and insects can nest within
and clog the burner / venturi tube at the orifice. A
clogged burner tube can lead to a fire beneath the
3. All control knobs must be in the (OFF) position.
(Figure 2)
4. Turn LP gas tank valve to “OPEN”.
5. Select burner to light. Push and turn control knob to
6. Press the (igniter) button repeatedly 3 to 4 times
to light burner.
7. If ignition does not occur in 5 seconds, turn burner
control knob (OFF), wait 5 minutes and repeat
lighting procedure.
8. If igniter does not light burner, use a lit match
secured with the lighting rod provided to light
burners manually. Position the lit match near side of
the burner. (Figure 4)
Important: Always use the lighting rod provided when
lighting burners with a match.
9. After lighting, observe the burner flame, make sure
all burner ports are lit and flame height matches
illustration. (Figure 5)
Figure 1
LP Gas Valve
with Orifice
LP Gas
Main Burners
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Flame Slight
Operating Instructions
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