Installation set up of the Spool Gun for RAZOR 175-200 MIG
(1) Switch on the machine, select the MIG function with the MIG/MMA selector switch.
(2) Select Spool Gun using the Standard/Spool Gun selector switch.
(3) Connect the Spool Gun to the Euro MIG torch connection socket on the front panel, and tighten it.
Connect the Spool Gun control cable to the receptacle and tighten it.
IMPORTANT : When connecting the torch be sure to tighten the connection. A loose connection can
result in the connector arcing and damaging the machine and gun connector.
This damage is not covered under warranty.
(4) Insert the earth cable plug into the Negative socket on the front of the machine and tighten it.
(5) Connect Gas Line to Gas Regulator and connect the gas regulator to the Gas Cylinder.
(6) Take the Spool Gun and remove the spool cover.
(7) Place the Wire Spool onto the Spool Holder - Hold and snip the wire from the spool being sure to
hold the wire to prevent rapid uncoiling.
(4) Connect earth
lead to
(2) Set Standard/Spoolgun
selector switch inside door
to Standard
(5) Connect the gas line to the regulator
and connect to the gas cylinder
(1) Set MIG/MMA selector
switch to Mig
IMPORTANT : When connecting the torch
be sure to tighten the connection.
(3) Connect MIG torch
(7) Place a spool of wire onto the Spool
(6) Remove the spool cover by
unscrewing the retaining nut and lifting
off the cover
(5)Connect weld power lead to GAS
Remove wire from the drive unit
Disconnect the Electrode Holder cable from the machine before using MIG function. If cable is not disconnected welding
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Instructions Manual for VIPE R 182 (K019E)
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