Operation 51
Function Description
Baud Rate
Selects a baud rate that is identical with your computer’s so that you can
connect the projector using a suitable RS-232 cable and update or
download the projector’s firmware. This function is intended for
qualified service personnel.
Test Pattern Selecting On enables the function and the projector displays the grid test
pattern. It helps you adjust the image size and focus and check that the
projected image is free from distortion.
Closed Caption Enable
Activates the function by selecting On when the selected input signal
carries closed captions.
Captions: An on-screen display of the dialogue, narration, and
sound effects of TV programs and videos that are closed captioned
(usually marked as "CC" in TV listings).
Set your screen aspect ratio to 4:3. This function is not available
when the aspect ratio is “16:9” or “Real”.
Caption Version
Selects a preferred closed captioning mode. To view captions, select
CC1, CC2, CC3, or CC4 (CC1 displays captions in the primary language
in your area).
Selecting On enables the function. The projector is able to provide the
network function when it is in standby mode.
Monitor Out
Selecting On enables the function. The projector can output a VGA
signal when it is in standby mode and the COMPUTER 1 jack is
correctly connected to devices. See "Connection" on page 15 for how to
make the connection.
Enabling this function slightly increases the standby power
See "Controlling the projector through a LAN environment" on page 34
for details.
Reset All
Returns all settings to the factory preset values.
The following settings will still remain: Phase, H. Size, User 1, User
2, Color Space Conversion, Language, Projector Position, High
Altitude Mode, Security Settings, SSID and Baud Rate.
5. SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced menu
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