Operation 31
Remote paging operations
Connect the projector to your PC or notebook with a USB cable prior to using the paging
function. See "Connection" on page 15 for details.
You can operate your display software program (on a connected PC) which responds to page
up/down commands (like Microsoft PowerPoint) by pressing PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN on
the remote control.
If remote paging function doesn't work, check if the USB connection is correctly made and
the mouse driver on your computer is updated to the latest version.
The remote paging function cannot work with Microsoft® Windows®98 operating system.
Windows®XP or higher operating systems are recommended.
Freezing the image
Press Freeze on the remote control to freeze the image. The word “FREEZE” will display
in the upper left corner of the screen. To release the function, press any key on the projector
or remote control.
Even if an image is frozen on the screen, the pictures are running on the video or other
device. If the connected devices have active audio output, you will still hear the audio even
though the image is frozen onscreen.
Hiding the image
In order to draw the audience's full attention to the presenter, you can use BLANK on the
projector or remote control to hide the screen image. The word “BLANK” appears in the
corner of the screen while the image is hidden. When this function is activated with an audio
input connected, the audio can still be heard.
You can set the blank time in the SYSTEM SETUP: Basic > Operation Settings > Blank
Timer menu to let the projector return the image automatically after a period of time when
there is no action taken on the blank screen. The length of time can be set from 5 to 30
minutes in 5-minute increments.
If the preset time spans are not suitable for your presentation, select Disable.
No matter Blank Timer is activated or not, you can press most of the keys on the projector
or remote control to restore the picture.
Do not block the projection lens from projecting as this could cause the blocking object to
become heated and deformed or even cause a fire.
Utilizing FAQ function
The INFORMATION menu contains possible solutions to problems regarding image
quality, installation, special feature operation and service information.
To get the FAQ information:
1. Press / on the projector or remote control or press MENU/EXIT to open the
OSD menu and press / to highlight the INFORMATION menu.
2. Press to select
FAQ-Image and Installation or FAQ-Features and Service.
3. Press MODE/ENTER.
4. Press / to select a problem and press MODE/ENTER for possible solutions.
5. To exit the OSD menu, press MENU/EXIT.
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