If you forget the password
If the password function is activated, you will be asked
to enter the six-digit password every time you turn on
the projector. If you enter the wrong password, the
password error message as pictured to the right displays
lasting for 3 seconds, and the INPUT PASSWORD
message follows. You can retry by entering another six-
digit password, or if you did not record the password in
this manual, and you absolutely do not remember it, you can use the password recall
procedure. See "Entering the password recall procedure" on page 22 for details.
If you enter an incorrect password 5 times in succession, the projector will automatically
shut down in a short time.
Entering the password recall procedure
1. Press and hold AUTO on the projector or
remote control for 3 seconds. The projector
will display a coded number on the screen.
2. Write down the number and turn off your
3. Seek help from the local BenQ service
center to decode the number. You may be
required to provide proof of purchase
documentation to verify that you are an
authorized user of the projector.
Password Error
Please try again.
Please write down the recall code,
and contact BenQ
Customer Center.
Recall Code: 0 2 1 2
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